Weekly Announcements: Emor


We are saddened to announce the passing of Dorothy Gross, Nehama Dina bas Gedalia, Lawrence Horwitz's grandmother on May 4th / The 14th of Iyyar. Dorothy was 97 years old, and is survived by three children, 7 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren. May her memory be a blessing for the entire Horwitz family.

Lag B'Omer BBQ

Thanks to all those who made our Lag B'Omer BBQ a smashing success. 
Sponsors: Hanau Family, Gilad Muth, Fred Polaniecki and Randi Karp
Helpers: Ariela Yomtovian, Eliezer Abramsky, Taier Perlman, Esther Elisheva Encarnacion

Host the Reinsteins!

Our fabulous Rabbinic Intern, Rabbi Sam Reinstein, and his wife, Rebbetzin Hannah Reinstein, will be joining us several times this spring - including for Shavuot!

We are looking for folks to host the Reinsteins for meals over Shabbat and Yom Tov - its a great way to get to know them better, and to show them what a wonderful community they are joining. We're also looking for places for them to stay.

If you are able to host, please contact us.

Sunday Minyan

Join us each week at 8:00 on Sunday morning for shacharit, followed by a a shiur in Pirke Avot with Rabbi Schwartz.

New Weekday Minyan -Monday and Thursday Mornings

Thanks to the efforts of Yuri Kruman, there will be a new weekday morning minyan taking place in Prospect Heights. Yasher Koach Yuri!

The minyan will meet on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00 am at CKI.

Email Yuri to let him know you are coming.


Shavuot is going to be a blast at CKI. The Reinsteins are planning to join us and bring some additional friends and scholars. If you are going to be in town for Shavuos and are interested in planning or hosting, please contact us.

Building Study

We are pleased to announce that we have received a $3,00 grant from the Landmark Society to do a study on the "Envelope" of our building, which will allow us to begin the process of budgeting and fundraising for the renovation and restoration of our historic building. We have raised the $3,000 needed to match the grant, and will be proceeding with the study shortly.
Thank you to the donors who have supported this great effort!