Netflix and Shiur: The West Wing and the Right to Privacy

Does Jewish tradition believe in a right to Privacy? In a world where there is an enormous amount of data online, privacy has become a primary issue. Where do we stand on this important issue? 

In the episode we will watch parts of a west wing episode that debates the topic, and we will debate the topic ourselves. 

Download the source sheet here

Bimah Me Up Shmuli

This class explains the background and the theories behind the stance of only having the Bimah(platform) in the middle of the synagogue. This was a major controversy in the 1800s but has become standard in Orthodox synagogues around the world.  So much so, that it made it's way into Congregation Kol Israel's Articles of Incorporation. 

This class was given by Rabbi Reinstein on March 1.

Here is the source sheet.

Killer Cohanim in Context

The first Responsa in the series, we discuss the ramifications of joining the army for  Kohen (a Jewish Priest). This shiur was given in conjuction with Congregation Kol Israel ( Thank you to Rabbi Wolkenfeld for helping with the sources and for the translations.

This class was given by Rabbi Sam Reinstein on February 10, 2016.

Here is the source sheet.

Insert Controversy Here: A comprehensive Meta-Halaka

As an introduction to Responsa, we will be exploring the Halakhik process and look into a philosophy of Halakha. The process we will look into will put Responsa firmly in the center of the process. This shiur is largely based upon Meta-Halakha by Moshe Koppel, but has a lot of my own musings and thoughts. 

This class was given by Rabbi Sam Reinstein on January 27, 2016.

Here is the source sheet.