Welcome to Congregation Kol Israel – the oldest intact Orthodox synagogue in Prospect Heights. We welcome your application for membership.

About Congregation Kol Israel

Congregation Kol Israel was incorporated in 1924 with the following goals (the following is a direct quote from the 1924 articles of incorporation):

  1. To establish a place of worship in accordance with strict Orthodox Jewish rites for the members of the synagogue
  2. To foster and further the Orthodox Hebrew faith, morals and teachings among the young men and women of the Hebrew faith;
  3. To do any and all acts as are usual with and a part of the worship of an Orthodox Hebrew synagogue and center;
  4. To perpetuate the Orthodox Jewish Rites and customs and especially to perpetuate and maintain at all times in any synagogue erected, maintained or dedicated to the worship of this congregation a Bimah located in the exact center of the synagogue and to perpetuate the custom of segregation of male and female and allotting different places for each and such other “strictly orthodox” customs as are now falling into disuse.
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Membership benefits include attending High Holiday services free of charge, discounts throughout the year on shul related offerings such as community meals and programs, kiddush and other sponsorships, and synagogue space for special occasions. Additionally, members will be listed in a synagogue directory.
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